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The Yoga Nook

The Yoga Nook at Lake Breeze Wellness

Practice yoga: Center yourself & de-stress.  Practice yoga: Build strength, flexibility, & increase mobility.  Practice yoga: Calm & quiet the mind, balance the nervous system and enjoy more mental & physical relaxation.


Kasia Pelepko, RYT offers private & small group yoga lessons at Lake Breeze Wellness. 

For more information & scheduling, visit her Facebook page or contact Kasia at (585)766-0669


Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics - Level 1:   A class for those who are brand new to yoga.  Ground & stabilize the body with an introduction to some of the fundamental yoga poses (asanas) and a focus on proper alignment.

Yoga Essentials - All Levels: Connect to the body by moving through a sequence of poses with focus on the breath and an introduction to meditation.

Restorative Yoga - All Levels:   Encourage deep bodily relaxation through the use of yoga props, including blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Vinyasa Flow - Level 2:   Work to build heat and strength in the body in this dynamic flow class where one pose moves fluidly into the next. 

Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons are a great way to get an introduction to yoga if you have never practiced before.  They can also help you deepen an already existing practice: learn a new pose, refine those you already know, or partake in a more intimate and focused class.

Your initial lesson with Kasia includes a consultation to discuss your expectations, goals, and any concerns you may have about practicing yoga.

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