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"I have been going to Alana for nine years.  During that time she has helped me learn to relax and enjoy my life.  She has kept my stress level even and has helped with lower back pain.

Alana is knowledgeable and kind.  I would recommend her massage services to anyone and in fact I have.  Don't just take my word for it.  Try her.  You'll never leave."

- Josephine Kehoe


"I have been a client of Alana Ogurcak's for almost a decade and she has been instrumental in helping me reduce stress and heal back, shoulder, an neck tension.  One of the qualities I most appreciate about Alana is her commitment to excellence as a therapist.  She's stayed on top of her field through advanced study, on her own time and at her own expense, and we, her clients are the beneficiaries of her wisdom.  Not only have I received supurb massages, but Alana follows up by teaching me simple exercises to continue healing on my own. 

Alana exemplifies exactly what she wants each client to receive.  Her demeanor and the atmosphere she's created where she conducts her work are soothing and tranquil and I begin to de-stress as soon as I see her. 

Alana Ogurcak is a healer in the true sense of the word.  She is dedicated to her profession and wants only the best for each and every client who is lucky enough to walk through her door."

- Kate


"I highly recommend Alana Ogurcak's massage therapy services to anyone who seeks improvement with overall health issus such as pain management, stress relief, blood pressure, boost immunity, etc.  For several years now Alana has helped me to make a reduction in my targeted areas of pain.  I am especially grateful that she has made adaptations to meet my specific health needs.  Alana's calming, positive presence makes the entire therapeutic experience heavenly!"

- Camille Perlo



"I have been going to Alana for quite some time.  I feel comfortable, safe and at peace.  It is my 'me' time.  Alana is wonderful in what she does and I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated."

- Rosemarie Paratore




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