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Massage therapy is an investment in your health.

Massage Services

Signature Massage  

Experience relaxation and therapeutic benefits through the use of traditional Swedish Massage techniques combined with connective tissue work (and other modalities as necessary) tailoring the session to each client's specific needs. 

30 min     $40          60 min   $70          90 min   $95


Deep Tissue Massage  

Target chronic muscle tension and pain with deep massage techniques administered to affect the sublayer of musculature and fascia.  Generally utilized to focus on specific problem areas.

30 min   $45          60 min   $80


Sacred Stone Massage      

Achieve physical healing, mental relaxation and spiritual connection to earth energy through this wonderful treatment.  Stones of various shapes and sizes are heated and used to massage tension out of muscles to produce deep relaxation.  Sacred Stone Massage is based on the healing knowledge of Ayurveda.

75 min   $100


Foot Soother Massage          

A massage session devoted entirely to relieving stress and tension from your feet.  Warm towels, rich moisturizing lotion, reflexology and massage techniques will be used to relax and revitalize this overworked and often neglected area of our bodies.

30 min   $40

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